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Train Station

Railway station Zaporozhye - 2.Ukraine.Zaporozhye.
The station arose in 1903 during the construction of the Ekaterininskaya railway on the Dolgintsevo-Volnovakha section, which connected the Krivoy Rogsky ore region and the Donetsk coal basin. Architectural features of the building does not have, although high pointed spikes distinguish it from the surrounding buildings.

In 1904, the regular movement of trains on the section Krivoy Rog - Aleksandrovsk ІІ - Pologi was opened.

On the old building of Zaporizhzhya II station a memorial plaque about the stay of the Ukrainian poetess Lesya Ukrainka by the passage of the station on August 9-10, 1907, was installed.

The station building was destroyed during the Second World War. When Zaporizhzhya II was rebuilt, architectural forms were partly borrowed from the old station.

In 1952 the direction of Nikopol - Zaporozhye II was electrified, and in 1965 - the direction of Lozovaya - Sinelnikovo I - Zaporozhye.

In the early 2000s, the Zaporozhye II-Kirpotino section was electrified, with the prospect of further electrification to Volnovaha.

The new station building was opened in 1985.
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